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Linear guide rail and linear bearing are widely used fo […]


Linear guide rail and linear bearing are widely used for automation machinery, such as 3D printer, CNC machinery.
Linear bearing: it has the advantages of small friction, flexible movement and convenient maintenance and replacement. Widely used in textile machinery, printing machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, precision machine tools, electrical cutting machines and automatic recorders and other fields. Linear axis bearing is mainly used in the parts of mechanical equipment that move in a straight line.

The manufacturing machinery business provides solutions for every bearing location in the machine tool, textile, printing, food processing and packaging machinery industries. It mainly includes turntable bearing, screw support bearing, linear guide system and high-precision spindle bearing.

1. High speed turntable bearing
It is used in high-speed and high-precision working conditions with integrated measurement system.  
2. Screw support bearing
High rigidity, no clearance bearing support, used in high-speed machining center.   3. Linear circulating roller bearing and guide rail assembly  
High precision linear guide system is used for manufacturing linear axis in machinery. 4. Main shaft bearing
The utility model belongs to a hybrid bearing, low noise, small vibration, ceramic ball rolling body, which is used for high-precision and high-speed working conditions.