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The roller of cylindrical roller bearing is usually gui […]

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The roller of cylindrical roller bearing is usually guided by two retaining edges of one bearing ring, and the cage, roller and guide ring form an assembly, which can be separated from the other bearing ring and belongs to the separated bearing. This kind of bearing is easy to install and disassemble, especially when the inner and outer rings are required to be interference fit with the shaft and the shell. This kind of bearing is generally only used to bear radial load, only the single row bearing with inner and outer ring flange can bear smaller directional axial load or larger clearance axial load.

Compared with the deep groove ball bearing with the same overall dimension, this kind of bearing has larger radial load capacity.However, the machining requirements for the matching shaft, shell hole and other related parts of such bearings are high. These bearings are mainly used in large motors, machine tool spindles, lathe spindles, diesel engine crankshafts, as well as gearboxes of automobiles and tractors.